Thursday, November 3, 2011

Metro Manila Philippines - Smokey Mountain

Houses in Smokey Moutain

A little girl standing in front of the excavators

We walked on rubbish trampled feet deep

Houses standing on the sea

This lady lost her house in the floods.

Sweetest grin as he does the washing.

This spunky lass wouldn't let go of my hand!

As beautiful as a princess... she has spindly handicapped legs, and so she uses these wonderful wheelchairs that I will always be grateful to the inventor for... cheap lawn chairs turned into cheap wheelchairs for disabled people in the developing world.

Smokey Mountain!

The children love their siblings and take good care of them.

Trudging deeper and deeper... Normally peeps will not go into Smokey Mountain as it is considered dangerous.

The children are always beautiful

Waiting in excited anticipation...

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