Thursday, November 3, 2011

Metro Manila Philippines

This was in Purok Valley. The people are seafarers who came inland to make their fortune, but ended up begging on the streets, mothers and children alike.

The team chilling out after a hard day's work.

This little girl's angelic look is deceptive; the naughty minx kept running up to me and hitting me and then running off! She lives in Old Smokey Mountain in the tenement flats set up by the govt.

Nathalynn made a terrific clown!

I was touched that these tough guys with their tattoos and all were still captivated with the performance.

Uncle Buttons kept serving inspite of the heat.

This little girl was so fascinated, she ran in front of the lines! *lols*

The children waiting in line for their turn to go in.

Cheeky kids sitting amongst the rubbish thrown out from the flats.

It poured with rain, but these are tough kids wei!

When the rain poured, the tarps became umbrellas!

This little girl bent doubled will always have my heart... She is hunchbacked but look at that spunky grin!

Games time!

See.... we may come from a country far away... but heart to heart, we are the same.

These young men are powerful! They are already serving as helpers!

Nine year old preacher! And he did so well!

Even in the mountains there are garbage mountains where children sift thru rubbish...

Isn't she adorable? Annalyn's neighbour.

My sponsored child's family.

Finally a promise kept... Meeting my precious girl after all these years.

This was our 'vehicle' .... little carriages that can be plucked on and off the railway tracks!

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