Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Can I ever find the words to describe what it is like to see people transform and blossom and shine and fly? Joy upon joys to see the graduates of MB150 graduating as MA151!!! I was so proud and indescribably happy! I wish I had been in the room to see them grow and change.... but it was enough to see them on Sunday at graduation.

I really could do this work forever!!!

Meanwhile, buzy as anything with two camps coming up for Rumah Charis and Annai Illam and East Timor Leste refugee orphans, and I haven't even got a good grip yet on Expedition AGAPE which planning must start soon. Its buzy-crazy around here!

I am overjoyed to see people celebrating by giving this Christmas... City Harvest has invited Rumah Hope and Precious Children Home for their Emerge Junior... HURRAH! How the kids will love that! And Cybercare has organized rock climbing and high-elements... the youths will be so excited!

Pst Avanzini taught in church last Sunday to give our best Christmas present to Jesus... I think Jesus would love the way people around me are celebrating His birthday this year!

I cannot say a bigger thank You to God for the beautiful people I know... How blessed, blessed, blessed am I!

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