Friday, December 30, 2011

Floods in the Philippines

Metro Ministries posted this on 22nd December 2011...

"Today we sent 700 kilos of fortified rice meals to our partner churches in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan City. Thank you to Crest Foundation and to Philippine Airlines for assisting us."
They also posted the report from Cagayan:- "We are on going relief operation right now; we just do with what we have. Our city has no running potable water because the pumping station was destroyed. Ninety-seven sponsored children are directly affected and more than thirty lost their homes. On our children from Macanhan (Balulang) New Life Site there was none reported dead yet, but... at Isla de Oro where another church is doing Sunday School there was 5 kids attending SSS reported dead and many missing.

Stinky odor of dead animal bodies covered the whole place, dead human bodies are scattered at the road near funeral parlors, most of them children and old people.I could still recall the voices during the night because it happened at around 11pm, cries calling for help but we could nothing because the water current is so strong and leveling the bridge and it was dark because electric power was shut down."

I thank God for the whole way He arranged the timing of my visit to the Philippines... If I had not joined Asiaworks in July... If I had not been in LP in August... If I had not planned my trip to the Philippines just before CREST wanted to visit the Philippines and asked us to link them up with Metro... None of this could have been set in motion.

And still I think, how blessed we are to live in a country where such disasters are so far away, we forget they happen.

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