Monday, January 30, 2012

Coming up soon!!

Wow... Almost 2nd weekend. Where has the time flown? 8 weeks? In just a blink of an eye!

I love my small group :> Yesterday, J reminded me with her excited sharing, about the magic of LP... How great things start flowing in during the LP period. Life lessons come as well, but so do great blessings! It's so funny, really! I couldn't help but smile, listening to her chatter.

I love seeing them grow and try and fall and get up again and keep going and ... fly! The promise of LP... that you will soar if you will but stretch your wings out and dare!

I wonder what 2nd weekend will be like for each of them? And I wonder what 3rd weekend will be like for Carine and Ai Ling (it really IS time for them to graduate; some days it feels to me as if they have been in LP forever!). I know it will be a special memory... the LP journey always is. You come out exhausted and very well-satisfied at having earned the 'Asiaworks' pin, knowing that you've gone as far as you ever have before and beyond!

It's tremendously busy in my life right now... I find myself somewhat defensive of my time nowadays! Tax manager at work, part-time studies at night, CV, EA, senior at AW... and a few other roles that I have yet to take up fully, begging mercy until after EA M'sia is complete first!

One of my friends, Kit, pointed out to me on FB once when I wondered to myself, "Is it worth it?", that "You wouldn't have started if you hadn't seen its worthiness." Yes, it is so true :> My problem is that I see 'worth' in way too many things!

And I'm getting used to having PERMANENT LP stomach.... I'm nervous and fearful and daring myself each day! But then, what other way is there to live life?

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