Friday, April 27, 2012

EA Teambuilding Camp Day 2

Early in the morning exercise by Cheryl

Very vigorous and energetic!

Teambuilding rope activity by Siva

Debriefing with the youths

Trust fall... for some, the scariest activity at camp

Being lovingly cradled and learning to trust the Team

One for the album!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

EA Teambuilding Camp Day 1

On the bus getting ready to leave

Arrived at Nomad Adventure, Gopeng

Safety and equipment briefing before white water rafting

The youths shrieked when they heard we were going on this lorry!

Instructions on white water rafting

Posing next to the churning river!

Body surfing!!!

We made it!

Yummy lunch

Station games! Here, the youths have to chew an assortment of .... exquisite tastes... and then spit it out to his team mate to pass spoon by spoon

Blowing thru flour to get out the leaves hidden inside


Group jump rope

Carrying a bucket of water without hands from bucket to bucket

Wading thru ice for stones hidden inside

Alley-oop! Standing in a group!

Wheelbarrow football!

Spider web

Watch the bum!!!

Leadership session by Samantha

What are the traits of a good and bad leader?

Think of a leader you admire... Why?

Those traits that you admire are in you too, that's why you see them
Setting up the movie for the night session

Scene from 'I Not Stupid Too'

Avis leading the session on words that hurt

And in our small groups, we broke into groups of five... One sharing the words that have hurt, two people to throw those hurtful words at her, and two people to support her and shouting back to the hurtful words with affirmative words

The youths went a hundred percent...

And had their breakthrus

Group huddle at the end of each session

Standing face to face with one another... Opposite you, is someone just like you... Someone who just wants to be loved and accepted just like you...

Loving hugs

Friday, April 20, 2012


I'll never know why fate turns some of us into leaders... 

Being a leader seems to me to mean always needing to have a little bit more... A little bit more faith... A little bit more courage... A little bit more hope... A little bit more belief...

Thank goodness it doesn't mean having a little bit more intelligence or talent because then I couldn't lead! ;>

And there will be some days when leaders feel tired... Some days when they feel discouraged... Some days when they want to drop the ball... But the difference about the leader is that these options just aren't there. No matter what, a leader has got to keep the focus... He/ she has got to keep the vision.

The nice thing is... You know how when birds fly in 'v' formation, the lead bird is rotated so that no bird ever gets too tired to carry on the journey? :> Well, whenever I feel the journey get too tough, I'll see a 'lead bird' emerge in the group who has the joy, has the faith, has the energy and passion to bring part of the project through... and I'm energized! I know that I'm not alone... And that this project is 'ours' not just 'mine'.

It's beautiful to have that in a Team :>

Monday, April 16, 2012

EA Buddy Team Outing - Paintball!

Paintball was really meant to be part of the JC program, but the volunteers realised that with our packed EA schedule, we'd never manage to squeeze in a buddy team outing by April. So EVERYONE joined in for paintball and had a super-fantastic time! We were blessed with yet another EA angel - Wee Sern - who arranged the price, time and field for us AND did the briefing for the youths and played with the youths... Even maneuvering the shy ones so that they moved around the field instead of hiding behind the biggest bunker they could find!

Wee Sern explaining the rules of the game.

Making the youths crack up at his jokes!

Suiting up!

Manchested chose red (of course!)

John helping the youths with their Darth Vader masks

Picking their 'weapons'

Trooping on to the (suitably muddy) field

Test shots first!

And.... action! RACTAR girls were surprisingly good shooters!

And bold strategists too!

Alley-oop!!! Forward run!!!

John did not get 'killed' even once!

Important thing - the result! All volunteers agreed that the ice had broken after rounds and rounds of shooting at one another and just having fun in our buddy groups! A wonderful, happy outing day, and anticipation for the weeks ahead!!