Monday, April 2, 2012

Always too busy

I was looking through my cousin's photos just now on FB... I wanted to write a little comment, "Ya lor... Never invite me!"

Then I looked at the date of the outing... Oh. It clashed with a camp that I was helping out at. I wouldn't have been able to join them anyway.

Sometimes I have a little secret fear that the people I love are going to just pass on, and when I look back at the photo albums they have, I won't see me.

I'll be in other people's albums... Photo albums kept by people who probably will never love me or want me as much as my family and friends do.

But I chose to be with them. To give to them. To volunteer week after week after week.

It *sounds* noble... But not really. Because, if I'm truly noble, then where am I when my loved ones want to be with me?

I keep saying, "After this... After this...." I've forgotten how many 'after this's' I have! After Expedition Agape... After LP... After senioring... After EA again! I've just gone full circle!

It's time to carve out some 'just me and you' time with people I care about... Before it's too late.

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