Monday, April 16, 2012

EA Buddy Team Outing - Paintball!

Paintball was really meant to be part of the JC program, but the volunteers realised that with our packed EA schedule, we'd never manage to squeeze in a buddy team outing by April. So EVERYONE joined in for paintball and had a super-fantastic time! We were blessed with yet another EA angel - Wee Sern - who arranged the price, time and field for us AND did the briefing for the youths and played with the youths... Even maneuvering the shy ones so that they moved around the field instead of hiding behind the biggest bunker they could find!

Wee Sern explaining the rules of the game.

Making the youths crack up at his jokes!

Suiting up!

Manchested chose red (of course!)

John helping the youths with their Darth Vader masks

Picking their 'weapons'

Trooping on to the (suitably muddy) field

Test shots first!

And.... action! RACTAR girls were surprisingly good shooters!

And bold strategists too!

Alley-oop!!! Forward run!!!

John did not get 'killed' even once!

Important thing - the result! All volunteers agreed that the ice had broken after rounds and rounds of shooting at one another and just having fun in our buddy groups! A wonderful, happy outing day, and anticipation for the weeks ahead!!

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