Monday, April 9, 2012

EA Intro to Expedition Agape

If 1st appearances are anything to go by, this group of youths are gonna sail right through the planning of Expedition thanks to the well-taught youths of Rumah Ozanam! But I'm jumping ahead of myself...
Setting up the logistics

Name tags

Folders for the youths

Setting up the slideshow and video

Volunteers briefing

Welcome to EA!

Breaking into groups - this is Starfire!

Explaining about Expedition Agape

Viewing the EA2010 video

Time to make journals

So they will never forget their journey 

I don't know where Eric is looking! *lols*

This is YOUR Expedition!

Community service planning
The youths presentation to us

Critical (but supportive!) volunteers :)

Sayonara! See you next week!

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