Friday, April 20, 2012


I'll never know why fate turns some of us into leaders... 

Being a leader seems to me to mean always needing to have a little bit more... A little bit more faith... A little bit more courage... A little bit more hope... A little bit more belief...

Thank goodness it doesn't mean having a little bit more intelligence or talent because then I couldn't lead! ;>

And there will be some days when leaders feel tired... Some days when they feel discouraged... Some days when they want to drop the ball... But the difference about the leader is that these options just aren't there. No matter what, a leader has got to keep the focus... He/ she has got to keep the vision.

The nice thing is... You know how when birds fly in 'v' formation, the lead bird is rotated so that no bird ever gets too tired to carry on the journey? :> Well, whenever I feel the journey get too tough, I'll see a 'lead bird' emerge in the group who has the joy, has the faith, has the energy and passion to bring part of the project through... and I'm energized! I know that I'm not alone... And that this project is 'ours' not just 'mine'.

It's beautiful to have that in a Team :>

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