Tuesday, May 22, 2012

EA Final Planning Meeting

Less than a week to go! The youths scrambled to complete planning for the Day Camp, Sports Day, party and finished up their fundraising...

Wee Sern asking the youths, "Why are you going there? What do you want to create?"

Playing 'Blanket Game'

The youths roared as they tried to outdo each other... but we also realised that they did not know everybody's name!

Line up according to number... A lesson in leadership. After this round, the youths asked for another chance and a discussion session, much to Wee Sern's surprise. But in Expedition Agape, that's how station games are run, and the youths are well-used to it! Wee Sern still managed to throw a spanner in the works when he told them, the second time around, to arrange themselves in the order of their names!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Baby D

I'm feeling rather blue... I think it was the shock because I was unaware what was wrong with Baby Destiny. I opened my FB page today and saw her memorial service and all the horror and grief flooded in a second.

And I couldn't help asking "Why God? Little Baby D's parents love You and serve You faithfully in church as pastors... Why did You take away little Baby D?"

I don't understand... But in His quiet assurance, “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways. As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts", I find comfort.

Baby D, everyone had been waiting and longing for your arrival, beautiful baby girl. Now that you are gone, we kiss you goodbye and we miss you. Have a wonderful time in Heaven and know that you are loved.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Another Pathway

I was watching one of City Harvest Church's testimonies spoken by a lovely lady who is now working in the church office.

It brought me back to my youth days when there was nothing I wanted more than to serve God full-time. But somehow everytime I tried to go towards full-time, there would be another pathway that I would end up on. The pathways were not those that I liked, but they always had a meaning for me that I could not have anticipated... People along the path whose lives I would touch and who would touch mine.

And so I kept going... and I am still on this path now. It's been very different from a pathway kept in a church office... and as the years passed, I began to see that being in a church office would never have suited me. I am too restless to be in a church office. Nothing exasperates me more than having to serve God's children who are safe in His fold non-stop.

I love being out with the people who need to know His grace and love and mercy. I love creating the avenues for them to heal and begin journeys towards destinies and dreams that He has for them from the time of creation. I love reaching out with His love for hurting and aching hearts. How Daddy God loves the people of this world.

There is a wistful side of me that wishes sometimes that I was in 'full-time ministry' simply because there is no lovelier place to be than next to His feet 24/7. But taking His light into the darkness... that's another role as well.

EA Face Your Fear

Oh, we had a super time yesterday! When our guides took us to the start of the Adventure Tour which is a tiny crawl space that you have to slither thru, I immediately regretted not begging them to please allow me to take in my camera at my own risk. We were advised not to because the camera would be battered, and indeed, when the tour ended and I surveyed my poor torn and shredded Expedition Agape 2010 t-shirt, I could understand why!

We abseiled, crawled, slid, climbed, slithered... through a really long, long passageway. It was awesome!!

At the foot of the Batu Caves stairway before our journey began

Just outside Dark Caves... The caves are not lit with floodlights to conserve the natural eco system

Bravo and Manchested went first

Through the dark passageway... armed with torchlights!

The guides were really good! It was educational as well, so the youths learnt plenty.

Just outside the starting point of the Adventure Tour... This cave is lit by the skylight.

Muddy, wet, bruised... and very happy! The youths had a brilliant time!

Whoo-hooooooo! We made it!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Good enough

Learning today that when I feel good enough, when I know that I am good enough, I don't have to 'show' anyone 'perfection'. It's okay if things don't go well and if I'm not doing well... it's okay. And I think that when I know that, it frees the people around me from the frustration of 'never being good enough' for me. When I'm more worried about how things 'look' rather than how people are, I stop loving them and caring. I just care how it looks.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter. I AM good enough... and I know it.

EA Community Service at Rumah Shalom

There was something so special about this community service... I don't know what it is but it had a warmth and love and magic that I've not seen in comm services performed by adults. Maybe it's because, as our youths said, "We're just like you.... we're also from orphanages too."

Rumah Shalom

Station games organized by the youths

Engaging with the kids at Rumah Shalom

And adult volunteers getting bonding time too!

Green team with the files the youths preprared

Orange team

Yellow team

Dressing up the kids as models in a newspaper contest

Sweet little angel

Goody bags that the youths packed

Sharing themselves with the youths

Youths waving to each other goodbye... One of the results that I was happiest about was how much more bonded the youths were this time.

Goofing around taking piccies as we waited for transport

EA Fundraiser at MRCS Charity Bazaar

Scary lah the youths cooking!

Grilling buns for burgers

Making doughnuts with chocolate and sprinkles! Mmmmm!

MRCS Charity Bazaar

It was at Rivercity which is a lovely place, but very quiet as it is new

Nothing daunted, the youths prepared a spread of foods covering two tables!

Preparing before the sale

Errr... no customers ah?

Never mind lah, we sendiri beli! Volunteers spent A LOT that day!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

EA Shopping for Fundraiser

It was pure fun shopping with the youths!

Taking a moment to pose

It was here that we discovered... the youths do not know how to compare price! Nobody takes them grocery shopping.... Such a basic life skill for the rest of us, but a privilege for these kids.

I thought the check-out cashier would have a conniption!

Sorting out whose groceries were whose... Kind of a big job when the youths have such an extensive menu planned! Curry puffs, nasi lemak, doughnuts, coconut candy, sausages, burgers, fries etc. etc.!

Youths have learnt to stay within budget :> They did great!