Monday, May 14, 2012

Another Pathway

I was watching one of City Harvest Church's testimonies spoken by a lovely lady who is now working in the church office.

It brought me back to my youth days when there was nothing I wanted more than to serve God full-time. But somehow everytime I tried to go towards full-time, there would be another pathway that I would end up on. The pathways were not those that I liked, but they always had a meaning for me that I could not have anticipated... People along the path whose lives I would touch and who would touch mine.

And so I kept going... and I am still on this path now. It's been very different from a pathway kept in a church office... and as the years passed, I began to see that being in a church office would never have suited me. I am too restless to be in a church office. Nothing exasperates me more than having to serve God's children who are safe in His fold non-stop.

I love being out with the people who need to know His grace and love and mercy. I love creating the avenues for them to heal and begin journeys towards destinies and dreams that He has for them from the time of creation. I love reaching out with His love for hurting and aching hearts. How Daddy God loves the people of this world.

There is a wistful side of me that wishes sometimes that I was in 'full-time ministry' simply because there is no lovelier place to be than next to His feet 24/7. But taking His light into the darkness... that's another role as well.


  1. hi Gillian,
    Jo here from Paradise of God :)

    came across your blog through Becky's

    thanks for writing this post. i really identify with this at times. but it's like when i'm doing too much outside, i want to go and minister in His house like the Levites..still trying to figure out where He wants me to be...


    take care

  2. I've been there, dear. May you have peace and God's quiet assurance that you are in His will as you keep on serving Him.