Monday, May 7, 2012

EA Community Service at Rumah Shalom

There was something so special about this community service... I don't know what it is but it had a warmth and love and magic that I've not seen in comm services performed by adults. Maybe it's because, as our youths said, "We're just like you.... we're also from orphanages too."

Rumah Shalom

Station games organized by the youths

Engaging with the kids at Rumah Shalom

And adult volunteers getting bonding time too!

Green team with the files the youths preprared

Orange team

Yellow team

Dressing up the kids as models in a newspaper contest

Sweet little angel

Goody bags that the youths packed

Sharing themselves with the youths

Youths waving to each other goodbye... One of the results that I was happiest about was how much more bonded the youths were this time.

Goofing around taking piccies as we waited for transport

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