Monday, May 14, 2012

EA Face Your Fear

Oh, we had a super time yesterday! When our guides took us to the start of the Adventure Tour which is a tiny crawl space that you have to slither thru, I immediately regretted not begging them to please allow me to take in my camera at my own risk. We were advised not to because the camera would be battered, and indeed, when the tour ended and I surveyed my poor torn and shredded Expedition Agape 2010 t-shirt, I could understand why!

We abseiled, crawled, slid, climbed, slithered... through a really long, long passageway. It was awesome!!

At the foot of the Batu Caves stairway before our journey began

Just outside Dark Caves... The caves are not lit with floodlights to conserve the natural eco system

Bravo and Manchested went first

Through the dark passageway... armed with torchlights!

The guides were really good! It was educational as well, so the youths learnt plenty.

Just outside the starting point of the Adventure Tour... This cave is lit by the skylight.

Muddy, wet, bruised... and very happy! The youths had a brilliant time!

Whoo-hooooooo! We made it!

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