Tuesday, May 22, 2012

EA Final Planning Meeting

Less than a week to go! The youths scrambled to complete planning for the Day Camp, Sports Day, party and finished up their fundraising...

Wee Sern asking the youths, "Why are you going there? What do you want to create?"

Playing 'Blanket Game'

The youths roared as they tried to outdo each other... but we also realised that they did not know everybody's name!

Line up according to number... A lesson in leadership. After this round, the youths asked for another chance and a discussion session, much to Wee Sern's surprise. But in Expedition Agape, that's how station games are run, and the youths are well-used to it! Wee Sern still managed to throw a spanner in the works when he told them, the second time around, to arrange themselves in the order of their names!

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