Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dr. Robin Harfouche

I listened to this incredible lady's testimony one year when she came to Malaysia and was very touched. She has walked such a long and amazing journey in life to where God is now using her powerfully.

I remember watching her testify and heard her stumble over her words as she started to share about the sexual abuse she had been thru as a child. It's tough to share... And I totally respect her for sharing her story again and again.

One thing that she shared in another time when she was preaching is how even though she was 5 years old she knew that to tell the truth of what she was going thru would break up the family... even though she was 5 years old, she knew.

And it's true. Children are incredibly knowledgeable little beings...

'Why' for the Centre? Because no kid should suffer in silence. Because any kid brave enough to share deserves to be listened to and receive care, protection and counselling. Because any kid who doesn't have the words to share needs someone who can piece the pieces together for her.

That's some of the reasons 'why'...

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