Friday, July 20, 2012

LP153 Torch Pass

This morning's torch pass was so beautiful... I have to stop going for torch passes lah... This one made me cry again! Goodness knows why... probably because SP is 1/2 my enrollment too!... and maybe because seeing the seniors always makes me feel...

I don't know...

It always brings me back to my own senioring journey to see other seniors... I watch them and wonder what works for them... why it didn't work for me... I wonder if the next time will be different, and if I want to have a next time!

YK asked me about senioring LP157, and a part of me is jumping to do it, and another part is holding back in fear...

Unusually for me, I'm pretty 'free' around the time LP157's 3 months journey will be... Coincidential? Or a 'selah' time that I should grab and NOT fill?

And what's my intention if I choose to go?

Next week is Mastery... I'm looking forward to it because of what YF shared when I asked her how to get over senioring results ;>... But I don't know if the answers are there, or just within me.

And on another note, about the Torch Pass, you know what ---> Loving... contributing... giving... having others win... These are the reasons I love what AW do. For a moment, just a moment, I see that the world I dream of which is full of love and giving, is more wondrous than I could ever imagine. I know it... Because I've seen it... Even if it's just for a moment.

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