Thursday, July 5, 2012

My uncle

Woke up in the wee hours today when my auntie called to say that my uncle has passed away in Jakarta. I'm not sad for him because he has been suffering like crazy with lung cancer.. I'm glad the pain has ended but I am sad for his children.

It makes me think about life too... In a rather dreary way, I'm afraid. Just the 'what is it all for' of life.

My uncle is in his 60's. That's it... Just 60+ years of life... and then he dies.

There's been so much conflict... stuff I'm definitely not going to put on a public blog!... and then it's the end. Now what?

Thinking about my dream... I think, isn't it ironic that my dream is to counsel abused children? And that when I've finished setting up the centre, I want to set up centres all over the world for child soldiers, runaways, child prostitutes etc.

Why? Why does this world suck that way? Why should there be a need for such centres at all? Why can't people just love kids so much so that there will be no need for such centres? Why is this world so full of hate, anger, abuse, war, neglect, apathy etc.?

And why live, if this is all the world is about? Sometimes... I don't get it.

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