Wednesday, July 4, 2012

One year to the day....

Exactly a year ago I went into the AsiaWorks Basic... How far the journey led me! Today, two of my enrollments are going in to staff the Basic. I've enrolled 13 friends/ family/ colleagues so far, I think? And I've watched their lives change too...

When I look at my photo from the time I was in the Basic, I can see so much change in me since then... I'm bolder, I stand straighter, I smile more, I speak up, I'm determined, and at the very base of it all... I'm happier. The messed-up threads in my life straightened out and colours shone and glowed again in my life.

I am so blessed. Thank You God for making the wrong things right again. One year ago, I could not dream that I would be so happy. :)

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