Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Random thots after ALI

One ALI last night and one tonight... A guest event the night after. For non-AW's, 'ALI' and 'guest events' are just AsiaWorks post-completion events.

I love seeing the glow and 'awake' looks on those who come for ALI... I grasp that they've gotten something that excites them and they see possibilities in their lives that have not been there before. I get especially excited when they come and sign up for the next stage - the Advanced. I know they'll grow and change and renew in ways that they've never thought, or dared to dream, possible.

And yet, last night when I was watching one girl in particular sign up, my mind wandered to one of my shelter girls. I had an aching longing for her to be sitting right where this girl was sitting... Having experienced what this girl had experienced, and having the opportunity that this girl has.

If I wanted my girl to be there, I'd have to cough up the RM2K, I knew... And I've 'coughed up' a lot over the past year. Somehow it's never enough... there are always more who need the spaces in the training room... so many who need the changes and freedom that they can experience.

In September, I will be holding the Sponsored Power Series for orphanage children in conjunction with AW Foundation. I emailed a note to the trainer to suggest that perhaps the training had to be 'tweaked'a  bit though! The Home kids are often not as good in their studies, not so literate, and have burdens and heart-wounds that other kids have not had to face yet.

The PS training conducted by AW was never meant for such children, and is a high-powered training that kids who are better educated and come from stable homes can absorb better than my kids. I know that because I've sent 3 of them twice and I had 'reports' of their inability to concentrate by the end of the courses! *lols*

How I wish I had the ability to do what AW does so that I could take it to those who need it and can't afford it. I think I'll never run out of finding things, courses, camps etcc. that will benefit those who can't afford it and try to stretch my resources to bring it to them.

I wonder sometimes, when I'm very tired, if I'm right or wrong to do so. After all, one thing which we're cautioned about in AW is that it is often for the growth of the other person to go through the road they need to take in order to attend the training. So ... should I just not bother at all and not make it any easier for them?

Next month, I'll be going down to London and visiting One in Four. I wonder what they'll have there, and if there are opportunities there for me to train and grow in confidence to start my own centre in Malaysia. I know one of the biggest hurdles for me, besides 'finance' is 'how-to'. Whilst I do pioneer things, I always make sure I have a term of reference first! I want to see what a centre looks like and what healings are possible before I start one of my own.

God lead me...

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