Friday, September 28, 2012

Mia Michaels' choreography

I love Mia Michaels' choreography... She takes what happens in her life, brings it out from her heart and turns it into movement that is real. Dance works for me because it's not about words... It's all about bringing out what's in you and putting it out there to 'speak' for you... I never feel so alive as when I've just finished dancing... For that moment, you can see me.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Miracle birthday

Had an amazing birthday celebration... because my mom and bro came to celebrate with me :> And my sis invited my auntie's family to come too! It's been what... since I was 21 or 22 years old the last time we've celebrated my birthday together?

I don't think I could ask for more :>

I had the strangest dream a night before my birthday.... where I dreamt that someone invited me for dinner with her family... And in her dining room, I saw her mother, father and brother smiling at me, waiting for me to sit down. And in my dream I cried, "You're so lucky!"

I had so many birthday wishes, courtesy of FB :> ... 200+. I wish sometimes rather than birthday wishes 'admiring' the work I do, there are closer, funny wishes from friends who can say, 'I know you.'

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Names all in!

Phew! Finally all the names of the youths are in for Agape Vision's Youth Leadership Development programme - 25 youths and we cut off! As it is, not enuff volunteers as we have 10 - an average of 2.5 rather than our preferred 2 youths to 1 volunteer. Excited about the 2 new organizations we added - Shelter and Hope Worldwide. Different sets of youths but both excellent organizations.

For the Sponsored Power Series, we have 51 kids coming and 16 volunteers. Just enuff and it's gonna be exciting and fun! The Team went overboard with fun ideas for the kids!

Whew! Off we go!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Zhariff - a hero!

This is Zhariff - the guy born without arms who overtook me at the race - his skinny body happily passing me and leaving me in his wake!

The coolest thing about Zhariff is that he spent months in Acheh helping to coordinate the relief effort for the tsunami victims. How inspiring is that?

If he can do it, what limits are there for me with my fit and healthy body?

Monday, September 10, 2012

Me and Sue at the finish line of the Adidas KOTR 10km run!! We lost sight of each other during the race, and as I was panting past the 9km marker, Sue texted me that she had arrived!! Arrrggghhhh!!! I can't believe how long it took me to finish the last km; it must be my slowest 1km ever! My legs could barely lift themselves into a walk! *lols* Can't wait for the next race!!! *beams*

When touching matters

I love Lucy's work with the Deaf kids... how she brought in Deaf young adults who could relate better with kids to empower them against sexual abuse. She opened quite a door too, as kid after kid shared. Sad to say, even when the truth came out for kids in a Deaf school, the judge let the teacher go. Such is Malaysia's system at the moment. Yet, many kids were helped by her work, and I'm so proud of her!

When touching matters

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Just saying...

Running a volunteer organization is not just about the youths... it's about manging the volunteers too ^.^! Some days, I want to scream my head off and vent my frustrations, instead of being on the receiving end and having to be nice and patient when I don't feel like it!!!

Okay, time for a perspective change - remember the good, and blow the bad away with a kiss! *lols*

Is it?

End of EA and onwards to YLD...

Inviting new Homes, inviting old Homes...

A whole new bunch of youths come to us and we will run again with them on their new journey, giving our all.

Maybe it's the pause, and maybe it's the graduation, but again comes the question, "Did we make a difference? ARE we making a difference?"

Maybe the question came up because one of the Homes was none too happy when their youths (all young women) came back confident... They saw it as 'arrogant' and I suspect it's because of their religion which propogates humility especially, most especially, in women. Thank goodness the other two Homes had positive things to say about the changes in their youths!

Maybe it's assessing different programs and choosing one, not knowing yet if it will have the greatest impact. We never have known. We, or rather I, have always just dived right in, trusting that even if it doesn't have a great impact, it will have some impact.

When I met up with C, we discussed and discussed all the different ways in which we can collaborate individuals and organizations to have the greatest impact on the children/ youths that we will meet who are or may have been sexually abused. And she warned me not to spread myself too thin, which is something she noticed I seemed to be doing. (No kidding! Duh!)

I told her that I would not give up my work with the youths.

It DOES take a lot of time, energy, effort... And in a quiet pause, I wonder if the results reflect the effort, or if, it really doesn't make much difference.

I'm tempted to go to Metro Ministries and train with them awhile; learn from them. Working with the toughest inner-city kids, whatever 'magic' they have that causes the kids to keep coming, is what I wanna learn! There is an impact there that keeps going. Of course, one thing they do have which we don't is regular weekly follow-up! Volunteers who visit every single kid every week to check on how they're doing, all the way until they're grown up!

At the point at which I can't remember anymore why I'm doing what I do, that's the point at which I stop.

P.S. A funny memory today... I don't know why it suddenly came to mind... When I did an exercise where I could choose to save others, including myself, or save others and 'kill' myself... The trainer asked me, as she went round, if I had 'saved' myself, and I said, "Yes". Her response? "Well, it's about time, Gillian!" I wonder why that memory came to my mind today...