Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"Just a little..."

It always makes me smile, albeit grimly, to read the subtitles in A Beautiful Tragedy... The part where the doctor tries to tell Oksana, "A little... You just have to eat a little... No one is asking you to eat lots!"

I remember how friends and family used to tell me that... It feels like quite a long time ago now... Now I can eat anything! I can just look at food and tuck in!

Last week, someone bumped into me who hadn't seen me for a few months and said, "You've put on weight, eh?" I chirped, "Yes!" He bent over and said, "So time for you to lose some weight?" To which I admantly replied, "NO!"

Good grief, I've been on all kinds of medication the last few weeks because of my tummy... It's a bit of a wreck! The last thing I need is to try to be funny again!

I'm taking time out for ballet again... My bestest love in all the arts. First class back is today! It's funny to think, more than 30 years of my life have been spent, at least partly, in a pair of thights and a leotard :>

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