Monday, October 1, 2012

Sponsored Power Series

Whew! It was worth it to see the kids faces! They loved the SPS! One Home refused to allow the kids to leave on Sunday until after church, and the kids told me they cried when they saw the volunteer who was supposed to pick them up driving off! We had a nasty moment with the Chairman who wanted to cancel the event straightaway because the kids were making noise... Grief! Kids will be kids! He had no sympathy whatsoever, and if not for my dad, the whole event would have been cancelled! As it was, thank goodness, we could go on with the BBQ at the end of the session, though the kids were sad to not have swimming thrown in. The kids told us they're looking forward for our 6 months continuing sessions!

Really happy to see some familiar faces and know that they're gonna benefit from the workshop!

Making posters!

Small groups debrief

Coaching/ training



At the BBQ!

*sigh* But come Monday, I heard that my mom's having one of her turns again... I feel really tired today, and after dealing with all the ups and downs of e SPS, this is the last thing I feel like handling...

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