Wednesday, January 16, 2013


A rebuttal by a lady - S - from one of the universities has gone viral... I scroll down FB and I see so many posts of the video of her with the nastiest remarks and rants directed at her and condemning her.

It is scary! Really scary!

And I wonder if S is okay.... I wonder if she's all right wherever she is, or is she deeply hurt by the remarks thrown at her. It was just one incident, after all. ONE speech that, unfortunately, in today's day and age, someone video taped and posted online.

And I watched the video - I don't blame S for telling the girl 'Listen, listen, listen'... The girl seemed out of control to me the way she was ranting. I would have probably said, "Stop it, sit down!" And then a video of ME would have probably gone viral!

I think, what if a video camera was following each of us each day? Could any of us stand in the critical public eye?

Why is the world so cruel? Sometimes when watching Youtube, I will scroll down and read the comments... And very often, the comments are the nastiest and cruellest you could imagine. And I don't understand why and where these people come from. Is it okay to hurt others just because you feel like it? I daresay a lot of people will scoff at me as being oh-so-naive... But I don't think it's okay to be cruel. I think we need kindness and love in this world.

But most of all, I hope that S is okay... I hope friends and family who understand her will surround her at this time. She will need it. I wish and pray understanding, patience, kindness and love will spread in this world.

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