Friday, January 4, 2013

Innocent child

Haven't been able to get Law and Order SVU lately... Maybe it's been discontinued from Hallmark.

Turned on the TV (in a bit of a weekend mood!) and chanced on a documentary on Maristka Hargitay.

Background: She is the main role in Law and Order SVU. She plays a cop in the special victims unit who was born out of rape. Totally love her tough, raw character. (To think about it, I love any character who is tough and raw!)

Most of all what struck a chord in me is that she was born out of rape. Although I know it's just a regular show with plots written by creators who don't necessarily have experience of what they're writing about. I remember a session where her mom rejected her with spitting cat rage. I watched it with full attention at that point.

I just want to know... A part of me wonders whether that pain and rejection will ever go. I spent my childhood watching L get whacked 10 times more severely and regularly than I ever did. I always wondered why. When I grew older, I just figured that no woman should ever keep a child born out of rape... the rage seems to grow in a woman's heart as the child grows.

And as I watched L grow and live, I wondered if the ups, the downs, the crazy turns, would ever cease. Was there peace down the road?

I'm grateful someone is willing to address this issue, even if it's on a silly tv show. I love seeing Martiska's character use pain to save other survivors.

I was interested to hear in Maritska's interview that so many women wrote to her, that eventually, she formed an organization called Joyful Heart which takes survivors of rape to retreats and experiences for healing. I love that so much!

I hope that's what is down the road...

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