Friday, March 29, 2013

"Don't fix..."

A loving reminder from Daddy God today, "I didn't send you here to 'fix' anyone... Just be a friend."

Timely and just what I need to know today.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Building relationships in EA

We chose this primary/ secondary school as our project site for Expedition Agape Malaysia 2013... 5 rooms per school out of which only 3 are being used. It is out far in the Baray district of Kampong Thom.

There is a room designated for a library in the school, but there is nothing in it but dust and cobwebs! There are not even shelves!

Our friend who came with us asked, "Why do you only renovate this school... Why don't you travel to different places?" He did not understand that the foundation of what we do is to share love and build relationships. The youths will get to know the children and youths of this school as they teach, paint, learn together and get to know each other.

I was thinking this morning that, maybe if we all did something like this, then such genocides as Pol Pot's, Saddam's, the Armenians etc. would never have happened. Because then we'd know that we are all the same.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


I started to read up on abandonment issues after growing frustrated. I'm on a fast track learning curve on how hurting people hurt people. Not that I should play the naive card... It's not as if I didn't do plenty of hurting others last time!

It is like going through an emotional roller coaster just to love and care for someone who has been so viciously hurt in this way. One article named 3 things that someone who cares for a person facing abandonment issues will need; I remember two - love and patience. The latter especially I am fast running out of!

Probably time for me to just stretch further and further until I grow into enough love, care and patience to take it.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Rivers of living water

Burnt dry... God pour out Your rivers of living water again... Let me be renewed in you.

Can't believe how far and how long the journeys have been... Without a selah time for rest.

Wrote to Ovira to let her know, I want to go back to Bali to Rock Church... Just spend time with You, God... Just rest and be refreshed in Your presence... Knowing that in You, I find my strength when I have none left.

Draw me closer, hidden under Your wings.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Simple message: Be Kind

It seems like God and the universe are bringing this message to me over and over again.

There were two particular recent cases where I was rather unkind to someone. In both the cases, after talking more with the person, I realise, the person has enough awful things going on in their life right at this moment. The last thing they need is another snotty-nosed mean girl being nasty to them.

Lesson to remember - be kind to everyone, because I never know what they're going thru behind the smiles.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A miracle

:> With RM70,000 at least to raise, just a few weeks ago, I got real calm and thought, "God, it has to be Your miracle next that happens... Because there's no way we can do this otherwise."

We had a meeting, and we had a target of RM2K EACH to raise per month! It sounded well nigh on impossible, and quite scary for the youths!

And looking at Avis and seeing how nervous she was getting, I prayed, "God, let the miracle come so that her faith in You is not shaken."

And so... God answered :>

With a group of gentlemen who don't know us, have only met Avis once, and yet told her, "We've already raised the funds for EA, you know...You can start whenever you want."

Oh wow! Truly, God is faithful!