Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A miracle

:> With RM70,000 at least to raise, just a few weeks ago, I got real calm and thought, "God, it has to be Your miracle next that happens... Because there's no way we can do this otherwise."

We had a meeting, and we had a target of RM2K EACH to raise per month! It sounded well nigh on impossible, and quite scary for the youths!

And looking at Avis and seeing how nervous she was getting, I prayed, "God, let the miracle come so that her faith in You is not shaken."

And so... God answered :>

With a group of gentlemen who don't know us, have only met Avis once, and yet told her, "We've already raised the funds for EA, you know...You can start whenever you want."

Oh wow! Truly, God is faithful!

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