Monday, April 1, 2013

Back to You

Grateful to God for drawing me back to Him... Realising afresh after watching the drama at CHC Sg what Jesus has done to pay the price for me.

I sat next to a Sabah girl who is currently a student with SOT (School of Theology)... I felt so envious of her being able to attend CHC Sg and SOT too! That was my dream last time.

As ever, I began to whine, "Why God, don't you allow me to stay here in Singapore? Why did you send me back to KL?"

God's loving answer was, "Gillian, I didn't force you... It is your choice. Your ministry is in KL with the youths... You can choose to take up that ministry or to drop it and stay in Singapore."

I finally got it that God never once forced me to do what I am doing today. But it is a choice that I made; painful sometimes, but momentary...After this life, I can worship Him forever and be with my friends for all eternity anyway.

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