Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hate it!

I literally felt sick when I read this on someone's FB status... :

"I wonder if we will see this on the papers after the election:

BN ministers get pelted by rotten vegetables and eggs as they moved out of Putrajaya. Ex Prime Minister and current opposition leader Najis and other top echelons of the party namely, ex Minister of Uneducated People Moyeedin, porn star Dick Choi SL and Semi tarak Value did not make an appearance. On an unrelated matter, a suspicious mound of earth has mysteriously appeared overnight in the Gebeng industrial estate near Kuantan. Kak Ros' 30.11 ct diamond ring was discovered nearby."

She is someone who was in the AW Basic when I was staffing as a small group leader. She is a Catholic. I can't believe it. This is so horrid. I understand that people are upset with the ruling party... I do. But this is going a bit far, no?

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