Tuesday, April 9, 2013

In a perfect time

Dreams come true in the right time!

I wrote to DE about setting up a shelter hostel for youths who graduate from the Homes who have nowhere to go... Not all of them are as lucky as to have relatives out there willing and able to take them in. In some cases, even if they do, they will not be safe.

DE replied very enthusiastically, and amongst the things she said is,

"I have been asking the government ...the welfare depart to set up one... they have other things on their plate and this is not on their year plans or KIPs.

I personally think that we need to set up a 'transition home' as I call it for kids who leave home to further their studies or even those who start working. I would love to chat with you on this.

I and a friend of mine  will be willing to help you set it up. Infact Chris and I have been discussing this for the past 2 years.There maybe people who might be willing to help you  fund this project."

Awesome!! Not too soon... For then, the circumstances are not right. Not too late... For then, the dream will die. Always, in the perfect time!

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