Monday, April 8, 2013

Kick-off EA M'sia 2013

The camp at Dusun Eco Resort was amazing... Beyond what we could have hoped for for a first meeting. Volunteers agreed that it is probably due to the 6 youth leaders who were strong in leading the rest of the Team and having them BE a team. They can even identify themselves as 'Agapians' by now ;>

Our tone for EA M'sia 2013 is very different... We set the bar high and keep it up there for the youths. It's a different approach. It doesn't mean we love the youths any less, but we want them to grow beyond what they did for 2012 and YLD.

Only one youth, I felt, shouldn't be promoted to Youth leader yet as she was not ready. And during the camp, when I thought she did not want to give feedback, I yelled at her. Partly, I wanted her to grow and speak up... Partly, I did not want the youths to think that it is okay not to give feedback, since Avis is emphasizing feedback this year.

She was upset after that, and another volunteer who talked to her admonished me that I shouldn't have done that, though she understood why I did. She said, "I notice that you're extra tough on the ones that you love." Yes, I am! There is such a different heart with those who've been with me for so long.

All my youths struggle with so much rejection and abuse of some form or another... It's tough to know what to say and do, when and how. God guide me please!!

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