Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Reposted from Rachel Coleman's blog...

"As we made our way from the school grounds to toward the road we noticed a young woman who was signing and then we noticed that the person with her put their own hands beneath hers as they replied. Miracle of miracles, it was Sylvia! Leah and I went over and began signing with her. She was pretty confused at first and asked for her translator. Then Sylvia put her hands on Leah’s and Leah told her, “I am Leah.” Sylvia touched Leah’s face and hair, and recognized her, “Leah? You have grown! Your hair is braided too.”

Sylvia told us that she is now in high school, she passed the tests and is now the very first deaf-blind student all of Ghana to enter high school. We congratulated her, talked a little more and then really had to go. We needed to pack, load the tro-tro and get to the airport. The rest of our Team had moved on without us, but it was okay. Leah and I said our goodbyes to Sylvia and then, I took my daughter’s hand and we walked down the dirt road to the street. My eyes were full of tears and I glanced over and noticed tears streaming down Leah’s cheeks. She was smiling.

I signed, “What is it?” She signed back, “Mom, she’s the proof. Sylvia is the evidence that anything is possible. She’s a deaf, blind, Ghanaian girl who is now in high school and plans to go to college. Mom, it’s not our circumstances that keep us from reaching our dreams. It’s our excuses that keep us from reaching our dreams.”"

Ever since I watched the video by Rachel Coleman about how she chose sign for her daughter, I've enjoyed reading what she says and does so much! What I love is the way she lives... Totally and completely, throwing herself into everything she does. There is an acceptance of what life has thrown to her with a daughter who is Deaf and another daughter with spinal bifida, an aggressive acceptance, not a passive one... One that makes life an adventure with herself in the bouncy, crazy, driver's seat, whilst making an awesome creation of what she is given.

I love her Foundation to those who are in similar circumstances and aren't as able to overcome challenges such as poverty because of circumstance. I love that she doesn't beat herself up over mistakes in the past, but accepts that she is human, laughs and cries, and moves on with a full life... Not discounting it because she has made mistakes.

God, I want that kind of living. Just to be Alive! No excuses!!

You know something... I was watching Somaly Mam being interviewed on Tyra Banks and the saddest thing ever was when she said, "I feel like I am dead inside." She is just going thru the motions, though she is making a humongous difference in the lives of trafficked girls. Abandoned, abused, raped, battered wife, sex trafficked victim... and now activist. She feels dead inside.

But to choose to be 'dead' when I have no reason to? No way! I'm breaking out to freedom.

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