Monday, May 6, 2013


It's so 'drama' in my country this elections!

The ruling party came into power again, and there are shrieks of 'cheating' and 'blackouts planned' and 'banglas (a really rude word for Bangladeshi!) as phantom voters'.

Here's my thot:-

"First time it really comes home to me - the difference between being 'victim' and 'responsible'. I think it's a waste of time blaming the ruling party, SPR, TNB, gawd knows who else... Moaning and complaining and sulking... Rather than:

1) Looking at the results, and ACCEPTING it (rather than refusing ownership by saying it is all somebody else's fault)

2) Looking at what needs to be changed; how can I do things differently

3) And take action!!

There IS a tomorrow!!!"

I got tremendously tired of the skewed way of thinking and seeing that people had after a while. I support candidates on both sides of the election - I find good people on either side. I see corruption and wrong happening on BOTH sides, and i see good and righteous stands on BOTH sides too!

People say, there were Bangladeshi workers who came to stand as voters. As a result, innocent people were shoved around, and one I know was beaten... Even though they are Malaysians.

People say, there were blackouts and fake ballot boxes came in. One of my friends who volunteered at the polling station said the same happened at hers. This morning she apologized - she was wrong, and it was legit. I encouraged her to say so publicly, because the rumours fly too quickly - the corrections and ownership of wrong words are slow.

People say, Barisan cheated! How else could they have won and Pakatan lost? They failed to see that the rallying cry and the votes for change were coming from the urban cities, where Pakatan won handsomely. The rural districts and friends I know, quietly cast their vote for Barisan, and celebrated quietly when they won.

People say, "It's HOPELESS!! There's no use trying!" At that point, I was disgusted enough to write the above post on FB.

No, I'm not a Pakatan supporter, but I am for a corruption-much-less (free is a dream, no?), well-run country WHICHEVER government comes in. And I think that's what Malaysians want - when I talk to Pakatan supporters, they're not totally sold on the party... They just don't want the ruling coalition to rule anymore, and they're tired of being cheated with leaks and a system that does not promote free speech.

It's so funny :) today I thought of the Perseverance Push! What if, instead of pushing through, we wail and cry and point our fingers at the blockers and say, "It's not faiiiirrrr!!! They're cheating!! It's impossible!! Teacher... You see him!!!" You get what I mean?

Push through to your dream, Malaysia! Don't say, "I don't want to contribute to my country for the next 5 years" (Yes! I've seen such comments! No doubt spoken out of emo-ness rather than a serious decision.) Say, "I'll contribute differently - I'll speak to more people. I'll share my vision and the vision of my party. I'll ensure victory the next time."

Be the difference! Someone rightly pointed out - you say the government is corrupt, but what about you? Do you offer bribes? Do you cheat on your tax returns? Do you obey the law and ensure others do too?

Care enough early! A lot of people only started to 'care' when election time came, which is way too late to make a difference. There was what - 3 weeks? And even then, their 'care' took the form of group complain sessions at the mamak stalls, rather than tangible support for their local candidate.

Give financially! If you believe in it, put your money where your mouth is! There were huge rallies practically up to election date - what if, the same supporters had given earlier? Pakatan could have reached more people in the rural areas with their dream before it was 'too late'.

I don't know how long it'll take some Malaysians to buck up again... But I do see what is wrong with my country now, and no, it's not just the government!

P.S. I hate my country being like this... I hate it I hate it I hate it. :'(

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