Thursday, May 23, 2013

Going through...

So a total shift from 'I have to stay here' to 'I can go out and live my dream'.

My Masters wasn't starting before 2014, so I thought of what I could do in the here and now... All the baby steps that I could go through. And I remembered Madeleine from PSTC telling me, "Go try out different counselling techniques and experience what they are like."

So, who can I call about this, right? And what about this whole area of 'being stuck' and not moving forward?

I called someone who I had volunteered together with... And someone who knew my dream and who had agreed one day to come in and talk to the girls when I set up my centre.

Our first session, we went through EA which was super-great as I was slumping in energy. And the session with the youths and volunteers flowed beautifully and greater than I had expected with ease.

And then we came to my dream.

So now, no shortcuts... Just walking right through every step of the way until I get there.

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