Tuesday, May 14, 2013

When you open...

And so the programme that I was looking for, that couldn't be found in North America, was just across the Causeway after all...


And it has so much that I wanted to do... Family counselling, pet therapy, art therapy, DANCE therapy... And there actually IS something called Emotional Regulation!

I'm not too sure that I want a residential setting for my kids, but on the other hand, I'm distressed at the number of cases where one perpetrator is taken away, and another crops up in the family. And with cases of girls who retract their statement, probably due to coercion by the moms.

So this is perfect... Wow...

I found out 2 things during this week... I found out that when you stop pushing something away and stop rejecting it, then disassociation also stops.

And I found out that when you are ready to accept and do something, everything will come to you.

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