Monday, June 17, 2013

Together we can...

Incredible past 4 days!

First I met up with Avis to share with her about starting the transition Home and whether we could put it under Agape Vision... If that would be okay with her. It was so strange when she said, "You know, I drew a dreams collage last time... It was like a charity village... There was a school, a treatment centre, a... you know, everything!" :) We realised we were just taking the next step to both our dreams!

The funniest thing was when we talked about EA 2014. I told Avis, "I wasn't sure if you agreed with my suggestion of Nepal?" and Avis was like, "But Nepal was my idea!" "Err... No it wasn't... I'm the one who said EA 2014 should be in Nepal!" "No mah, remember I said they did art therapy with the sex trafficked women in Nepal." "Eh, I thot I am the one who said we should go to that centre that I know of that serves the sex trafficked women in Nepal?"

Just one of those incredible moments when you know there are no coincidences in life!

The next day, DE and I met up with the lady from Dayspring Singapore. Lovely, humble lady who was not a bit lordly and let-me-show-you-y but instead wanted to share ideas with us and hear our views and what we did too!

It was a wonderful, long chat, but the best part was that she said we could visit, only she would have to ask her governing committee if that was okay, in October. And she was welcoming when I asked her if I could volunteer for one year with Dayspring to learn how they run the centre, only she needs to ask her governing committee first too!

DE also shared that she had more therapists excited and willing to work on this project with us who had the same dream!

My weekend was spent in PS The Children training on Child Sexual Abuse, and it was wonderful but often times too much too... I always struggle after a while in PSTC trainings, but I love them! It was really interesting as they have added in new elements, and I met their new team.

But best of all? Just the first lunch alone, I shared about the transit Home, and Thency shared that PSTC has just developed a program for youths who are transiting to adulthood!

And when I shared about the residential counselling centre, they were willing to share their expertise... And I certainly can't imagine doing it without these wonderful people who already give their whole heart to children who've been sexually abused.

It was also good to share about the way I handled things, and have their input and corrections as well, so I know when I go offtrack.... Grateful for that.

Incredible co-creation few days... I love it! I'm so excited!

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