Thursday, June 27, 2013

What's right? What's wrong?

That's the question that has been on my mind a lot lately.

So much so that I happily proclaimed myself a renegade Christian!

So many lines are blurred for me now. I know people say, the Word of God is still where the lines are drawn for us. But I see cruelty coming out of the way Christians follow those lines...

Recently, a friend of mine posted this as her status on her FB wall:-

"If a transwoman is caught walking on the streets like any normal person, police can stop and request for sex, but if she does not give in, she will be forcefully caught and humiliated in public (and they love listening to her screams especially if she looks feminine and has a husky or masculine voice), and brought to jail... Once in jail, she will be forced to admit that it was... a mistake to "cross-dress" (they call it cross dress coz they do not see transwomen as women rather than men who cross dress in women's clothes regardless if she has breasts or a vagina), and if she is hesitant, of fulfilling their sexual favours, she will be beaten, they will step on her silicone boobs to intimidate her (because if the silicone pouch bursts, the silicone once touches your blood can be very fatal) or use the wooden club to stuff it in her anal hole... They will do much more gruesome things to make her feel pain and admit that she's Islam and had made a sin by cross dressing and she is willing to testify in court. Only then will they file a case. When she is brought upon court, no matter what she had suffered, she will be still guilty and will be charged for cross dressing in public even though some enactments mention "cross dressing for immoral purposes".... To prove immoral purposes, the police would claim they saw her standing in the streets and attending to men and calling out at them... Without any proof, that statement will be taken in as VALID....

If she had mentioned that she had suffered in jail when she was 1st detained, you can imagine what would happen to her in the next 6 months she would have to serve her jail sentence...

In the end, everybody only knows that she is a PONDAN/ BAPOK who had insulted her religion by defying God's words (which non of us have ever heard personally - and honestly) and that she deserved everything that she had received because she defied God and Islam...

This is not a made up story... Many cases have taken place and this is still going on... WHY? Because these authorities, politicians and officials are given the GREEN LIGHT to do so by the public because people are soooo ignorant and they do not care.

If today a transsexual were to tell someone that she had been sexually abused, nobody would care. They would think of ways to reason with her to point the blame on her for what she received. But if any guy, who tried to abuse or advance at a transsexual, was rejected by the transsexual, and if he injured her and said the transwoman came on to him and he injured her because he was disgusted by her, everyone would believe him...

So how do we altar this situation? When will all this cruelty STOP???

Do you know why is it important for YOU the public to care & support for us transsexuals? Do you see how important you are in creating a change?

Until then, we would have to just suffer silently. This is why transsexuals do not feel humiliated in doing sex work. For them, it is just a job and it is an earning. Nothing more. Nothing to do with love or pleasure. And if you are going to talk about dignity, what is dignity if you are made vulnerable to be sexually abused and insulted by anyone and everyone?

God didn't ask for this. God asked all to live in peace and harmony, and to love each other. God didn't create labels and stereotypes... MEN created these things. For those who know what we are facing and said they only wished they could support us but they are afraid of being looked down upon society, until when will you say this?

This is how we humans really are, aren't we? Hypocrites

It is very strong and angry. And I understand why. I've talked to her and heard some of her story... And the stories of other transgenders and what they've gone through. It's hideous and ugly to listen to... And to know that their rights to just being safe are not accorded to them just because people know nobody cares, because society is often too busy disapproving of them to care.

It's funny that when I talk about it, people ask me questions like, "So do you think same-sex marriage is right or wrong?" "Do you agree with homosexuality?" I've seen gay friends being told that they are going to go to hell. I've heard of priests who do not allow people who are gay into their churches.

I don't get it. When someone is being abused, do I need to ask whether or not their lifestyle is right or wrong? Does it matter? Or should I check into the history and background of each person before deciding if they decide counselling, help, love, restoration, everything that they need to heal when they've been hurt? I know of 4 young boys who were sexually abused because they were effeminate, should I then proclaim them unworthy of help and attention because they are effeminate?

Do I tell someone, "You're going to hell!"? How is that the 'good news'? Do I forbid someone from entering a church? What gives me the right to do so? Luckily, I'm not 'clean' myself... It took me a very, very long time to feel 'clean', and even then, I struggle somedays.

I'm confused. The basis of what we believe is love, isn't it? How is condoning abuse, ignoring people, hurling insults, love?


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