Friday, July 12, 2013

Don't make your career your life

'When people come to me and say, "I want to be just like you; the only thing I want in life is to sing," I tell them this: "Please don't make your career your life." Let it be your passion, let it bring you pleasure, but don't let it become your identity. You are so much more valuable than that.' Celine Dion

This resonated with me today. The work I do is so much a part of my life... And I realise that it's not 'balanced' if everything in my life is about one passion. It burns me out and I don't want the youths learning that it is okay to burn out by being totally leant on to the giving side... Because that is such a wrong message. It's basically suicide.

Life is so much more than that. I'm enjoying myself exploring the other parts that make me me. I'm enjoying coming alive and living each day with so much joy because I taste each day now. I want more. Because the way to inspire someone to live their life with love and passion, is to live my own life with love and passion. It is just that simple.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wisdom please!

What a day... So much is happening, I feel somewhat overwhelmed...

The Agape Vision committee met up yesterday and unanimously agreed that they are happy and excited about the transit home. Even Samantha came! So Avis and Jason will take a second look at the little apartment we've found, and if they agree too, we're taking it up next month and paying the deposit today! It feels so soon for us to start the transit home!

Kim Lang emailed today to say that I can come and volunteer at Dayspring in 2014 if I want... She is really kind and generous to allow it. But I said that I was waiting to hear if I've been accepted for the full-time option in the Masters in Counselling in 2014, so could she let me come in 2015 instead. I do wonder if I'm procrastinating, but another factor influencing me is that I want to ensure the transit home is secure before I leave for Singapore.

I was so incensed yesterday to find out from DE that the reason why nothing has happened with HH is because the Welfare Department lost his file!! That's crazy! No wonder he was never rescued. I wonder how he is... There is no follow-up at all. I don't know if he is safe, and nobody seems to care.

And today, I finally called M who was recommended to me by Haslinda. I told her about PS The Children's great Keeping Me Safe programme. She was like, "Yes yes! I need it for our children!" and then she told me about one of her girls whom they suspect from her behaviour has been sexually abused. M had no idea who to call or what to do... I thank God we were put together by Haslinda at the right time. I immediately called T at PSTC... Thank God for people who have the hearts to make a difference immediately!

Now looking at placement of a lonely, 'delinquent' kid for a friend.

I feel drained right now... I can only surrender everything to God and pray that in this whole mess, His will will prevail.

P.S. We got our transit home :) It will be great once it's done up! As for the 'delinquent' kid, Shelter promptly replied to ask for more details! <3 Homes like these RAWK!! and restore my faith in people who care!

Monday, July 1, 2013


I've written to Help Uni College to ask Dr. Anasu if I can take the full-time option for Masters in Counselling. She very graciously said I could as long as they are offering it.

A part of me thinks, I'm crazy! After all, I'm living a comfy, safe, secure life... Why on earth do I want to take this leap into the unknown?

Another part of me thinks, if I don't do this, will I someday be on my deathbed, and that time may be soon or it may be late!, and wish that I had had the courage to live my dreams? Regretting that I never made the difference that I declared I wanted to make when I was that little girl in primary school?

Now I'm waiting to hear if they are offering it full-time or part-time... And waiting to hear from Dayspring for their 'okay' to volunteer full-time after that.

And after that? Who knows...

We're right now looking for youths who want to live in the transit home so that we can open Agape Vision's first one. It seems so crazy to be doing this! But over the years, we've taken each step one by one... All the time never knowing if what we're doing would work out. And here we are today... 3 years from the time that we first started Agape Vision... Having completed 2 expeditions, 3 YLDs... Having touched, and hopefully empowered, 66 young lives for at least a minimum of 6 continuous months... Some for 2 years already!

It's just another step on in an already crazy life's journey that I am so blessed to be on.