Monday, July 1, 2013


I've written to Help Uni College to ask Dr. Anasu if I can take the full-time option for Masters in Counselling. She very graciously said I could as long as they are offering it.

A part of me thinks, I'm crazy! After all, I'm living a comfy, safe, secure life... Why on earth do I want to take this leap into the unknown?

Another part of me thinks, if I don't do this, will I someday be on my deathbed, and that time may be soon or it may be late!, and wish that I had had the courage to live my dreams? Regretting that I never made the difference that I declared I wanted to make when I was that little girl in primary school?

Now I'm waiting to hear if they are offering it full-time or part-time... And waiting to hear from Dayspring for their 'okay' to volunteer full-time after that.

And after that? Who knows...

We're right now looking for youths who want to live in the transit home so that we can open Agape Vision's first one. It seems so crazy to be doing this! But over the years, we've taken each step one by one... All the time never knowing if what we're doing would work out. And here we are today... 3 years from the time that we first started Agape Vision... Having completed 2 expeditions, 3 YLDs... Having touched, and hopefully empowered, 66 young lives for at least a minimum of 6 continuous months... Some for 2 years already!

It's just another step on in an already crazy life's journey that I am so blessed to be on.

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