Thursday, February 20, 2014

Slam poetry

I've got a new love for slam poetry! I am so addicted to it! I can listen to person after person. You know why? Because slam poetry is so RAW. Each poet comes up with their own poem so that the poem itself becomes real, instead of fake.

And what I love best is how if they're sad, they're sad... If they're angry (and they're often angry), they just ARE angry! That has to be the awesomest part for me... How cool is it to be able to express anger, and receive approval in the form of applause for it. If only real life was like that! If only we didn't all have to go around in masks of happiness and sweetness and light. Well, sadness and depression are strangely okay emotions to show... But not anger.. No, never anger.

Attaching two of my favourites to share!

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