Saturday, July 5, 2014

The White Protest

This is a picture of 6,700 Christians wearing white... To protest against Pink Dot in Singapore.

When I saw this, I really felt uncomfortable with it. To me, it just gave such an impression that they are protesting LGBT relationships in a way that will make LGBTs feel that they are the ones being protested against.

I posted it on FB. And I was quite surprised to see the post picked up and shared by another guy who normally has strong views but who agreed with how I felt.

Then I saw a guy whom I knew reply to him in the comments. This guy and his good friend are NOT on my friends lists. I dislike very much some of their ways of looking at things... Distinctly unloving and very self-righteous. I remember asking his good friend once if he had led anyone to Christ before and he said no, he had shared with his friends but THEIR hearts were cold. I couldn't help but think to myself that I would not like to believe in the kind of God that he represents! A cold and merciless god!

Anyway, this guy had a strong debate with the guy who shared my post. He disagreed strongly.

At the same time, I read another article published by the same magazine, about a lady who is a Christian. She is no longer in an LGBT relationship. But she first got to know Christ because she was drawn by the love and acceptance that other Christians showed her. Some of the Christians said, "She is embarassing! She is a bad example!" but their leader told them to treat her with love. Today, she is a beautiful testimony of Christ love and salvation.

Isn't that the crux of the whole matter?

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