Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sometimes it's so hard having a dream that others don't understand. People give me queer looks and so often the inevitable question comes, "Why is that your dream?" And it's okay if they accept my explanation, but often they don't. One of my classmates happily told me, "I'm curious! Don't you know I'm someone who is always curious?" as she probed and probed, asking me "Why".

I'm so inspired by Nicole Bromley... The first person I know of who's dream is to help survivors speak. I don't know why I'm so 'duh'... It took me awhile of reading the book 'Hush' before I realised that this was my dream on paper. And I felt so encouraged reading it, knowing that halfway across the world, God had given the same dream to someone else.

It is hard looking for books on this subject. It is hard asking my lecturers questions in class, especially if sometimes they don't know the answer and they step all over the topic with hard shoes of questions and statements without knowing it. It is really hard.

This, to me, the epitome of courage. I thought at first that it was easy for her to share. But then I watched this video and realised that no, it is not any easier for her than it would be for anyone else. Look at how she wraps her arms around herself, holding the pain in. But she dares to share so that others can be free.

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