Monday, October 31, 2016


That's an ugly name for a title, but I couldn't think what else to call this post! Lols!

It's been so long since I wrote, and so much has happened. I was too busy, and then too tired and sick, to post much last year. And this year has gone by in a whoosh! Update: I'm doing my thesis having completed all my intern hours and a stint in Shelter as a temporary Manager of the Girls Home. I loved being with the girls very much! So funny that last year, I was with teenage girls too! Expedition Agape Malaysia 2016 has finished as well... so much passed...

Last year, I was down to 46kgs by the end of the year, though I think I rallied just thinking about going back to Malaysia. I collapsed for almost a month... unable to walk except for a few steps... Literally collapsing on sofas and my bed in Penang for that duration. Visiting doctors who had no idea really what was wrong with me.

And now Halloween, and I've put on tons of weight! That's a rough one for me to deal with, with all that I've gone through in the past. A part of me wants to panic and revert back to my old behavior. A part of me whispers, "Wait... Hold on... Let the Lord heal you from the inside out... Don't panic... All will be well."

I have 4 ballet classes this week, my legs and body rejoicing to move again! My limbs are tight and my body stiff despite the years of training.

I wonder how 2016 will end?