Thursday, April 20, 2017

Where is Your justice?

We talk a lot about "God being a Just God" ergo, we have to come to Jesus with our sins and receive salvation etc. etc. because God cannot let unclean and unholy things next to Him. Something like that.

Yet, when I see someone who has hurt by taking advantage becoming a COUNSELLOR and worse, a BIBLE COLLEGE LECTURER on COUNSELLING... I question God's justice.

How can You be a just God when that happens? Has the someone repented? Has the someone changed? Or is the someone using her position as a counsellor to youths to hurt more people? And really, God, letting her not just into Bible College, but to LECTURE in Bible College?

And the victim? Wandering like an aimless soul... Full of mistrust of church leadership... Never given the open door by You to go to Bible College. How is that justice? How is that fair?

Is this what You mean by justice, God? Then, honestly, I hate Your justice. It is cruel.